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Join Dan and Tom as they head to Germany to attend the Funeral in Berlin! Funeral in Berlin is an enjoyable period piece with great shots of Soviet-dominated East Berlin. Palmer is followed by beautiful Israeli agent (Eva Renzi) who calls herself FUNERAL IN BERLIN Samantha, tricking him into sharing a taxicab. The &39;spy suspenser&39; Funeral in Berlin is the second feature adaptation from the "Harry Palmer" books of Len Deighton. Funeral in Berlin Michael Caine Oscar Homolka Eva Renzi (1967) British spy Harry Palmer (Michael Caine) must help a Soviet defector (Oscar Homolka), disguised as a corpse, cross the Berlin Wall.

Such brave rhetoric about using the UK’s veto to wring fundamental changes out. As he did in The Ipcress File, Michael Caine stars as Palmer, Deighton&39;s bespectacled, somewhat disreputable British secret agent. Funeral in Berlin is a smooth and slickly done espionage movie that derives most of its success from the fact that actor Michael Caine is so able. Palmer is sent FUNERAL IN BERLIN to Berlin where he is to extricate a Russian general who wants to defect. Funeral in Berlin is the second presentation of the exploits of Harry Palmer, the soft-sell sleuth, this time enmeshed in Berlin counter-espionage.

Along with other local bands such as Switchblade Symphony, Xorcist, Malign, Galaxxy Chamber, Mute Agnst Envy, Shadow P. Read Full Synopsis Cast + Crew Guy. Funeral in Berlin Synopsis: Colonel Stok, a Soviet intelligence officer responsible for security at the Berlin Wall, appears to want to defect but the evidence is contradictory.

Local Berlin Funeral Homes. Funeral in Berlin, Blu-ray, Manufactured on Demand, Mono Sound, Action / Adventure,. Coshocton Tribune. Funeral in Berlin is a 1966 British spy film directed by Guy Hamilton and based on the novel of the same name by Len Deighton. Funeral in Berlin Harry Palmer is sent to Berlin, with false passport under the name of Edmund Dorf, to arrange defection of Russian Colonel in charge of Berlin Wall.

The Times Reporter. Funeral in FUNERAL IN BERLIN Berlin In my opinion "Funeral in Berlin" is Michael Caine&39;s best spy movie. Stok wants the British to handle his defection and asks for one of their agents, Harry Palmer, to smuggle him out of East Germany. The third film was Billion Dollar Brain (1967). Set in Berlin, this novel tells of the selling of an important Russian scientist to the West. Directed by Guy Hamilton. A British Agent is sent to East Berlin to receive a Communist defector, but the true situation turns out to be rather more complicated.

After reluctantly accepting the assignment, he arranges for an escape plan which includes a fake funeral. Michael Caine is excellent but I could have done without the tiresome cliche of pretty girls, pointless as characters. One more sequel (and the weakest of the three), BILLION DOLLAR BRAIN, followed. Directed by Guy Hamilton. It’s not often that you can pinpoint the exact moment in which a previously fairly straightforward movie suddenly assumes the labyrinthine proportions of a near-insoluble puzzle, but you can in Funeral in Berlin, Guy Hamilton’s sequel to the hugely successful The Ipcress File. Funeral In Berlin formed in the summer of 1992. You can take or leave "Billion Dollar Brain" which attempted to be a 007 copy and fell short. It is the second of three 1960s films starring Michael Caine as the character Harry Palmer that followed the characters from the initial film, The Ipcress File (1965).

But it soon becomes apparent that behind the facade of an elaborate mock funeral lies a game of deadly manoeuvres and ruthless tactics. read more. See more videos for FUNERAL IN BERLIN. With Michael Caine, Oskar Homolka, Paul Hubschmid, Eva Renzi. Funeral in Berlin (1966) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. However for background you should see the first film in the Harry Palmer series "The Ipcress File" which is also excellent. With &39;Funeral in Berlin&39;, Deighton achieves mastery of his art.

I did find the plot a bit confusing. But the unnamed hero soon discovers that behind the facade of a mock funeral lies a game of deadly manoeuvres and ruthless tactics. Capture 29. Michael Caine encores in the role that made him. On the far side of this junction is the Kempinski Hotel, with its distinctive square windows, and the MPI of KEMPINSKI can just be made out at the top of the image. Berlin with its infamous wall symbolized the Cold War as did no other place. Though the original publication date of this book is listed as 1964, and the Michael Caine film of "The Ipcress File" is listed as 1965 release, the unnamed protagonist in this work is certainly recognizable as Caine&39;s &39;Harry Palmer&39;, right down to the eyeglasses.

Paramount Pictures’ Blu-ray Disc of Funeral in Berlin is a clean and clear encoding of this handsome mid-sixties cold war espionage thriller. This novel is set in the time when the Berlin Wall was sound and strong. Novem | Full Review. The band was one of many that would become part of the backbone that would eventually usher in the San Francisco goth culture. Raedwald anticipates today’s fiasco in Berlin: Cameron is in Berlin today to attend the funeral of his own words. If a funeral could be fun, this is it! This 1966 movie is the second installment after The Ipcress File, with Michael Caine as Harry Palmer, based on Len Deighton’s novels. John R Wiecki/Skipchak Funeral Home.

The Panavision image is less grainy than The Ipcress File because that first Harry Palmer adventure was filmed in half-frame Techniscope, as was Michael Caine’s Alfie of the same year. Gallery of 8 movie poster and cover images for Funeral in Berlin (1966). Michael Caine stars as Harry Palmer, the ex-army corporal, who unwillingly serves as a spy for Her Majesty rather than serve a long stint behind bars.

This is no Le Carre but worth watching. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Barbola Funeral Chapel, Inc.

Synopsis: Colonel Stok, a Soviet intelligence officer responsible for security at the Berlin Wall, appears to want to defect but the evidence is contradictory. A British spy (Michael Caine) helps a defector -- posing as corpse -- cross the Berlin Wall. Producer Harry Saltzman&39;s first show The Ipcress File was a terrific starring vehicle for Michael Caine, whose interpretation of Palmer was considered both wittier and more adult than the then-dominant 007 James Bond.

British spy Harry Palmer (Michael Caine) must help a Soviet defector (Oscar Homolka), disguised as a corpse, cross the Berlin Wall. It is the second of three 1960s films starring Michael Caine as the. Funeral in Berlin Synopsis. Lots of Bond connections, quips, key scenes are explored from a fresh angle. Funeral in Berlin was the second of three films based on the Harry Palmer novels by Len Deighton. Funeral in Berlin is a 1964 spy novel by Len Deighton set between Saturday October 5th and Sunday November 10th 1963. View All Funeral Homes in Ohio.

It was the third of four novels about an unnamed British agent. Funeral in Berlin is the 3rd of four novels in the series, beginning w/The IPCRESS File, which were adapted to film starring Michael Caine as Harry Palmer. 9/10 IMDb 67% Rotten Tomatoes. Local Berlin Newspapers.

"Funeral in Berlin" ("Finale in Berlin", GB 1966) von James Bond-Regisseur Guy Hamilton und 007-Coproduzenten Harry Saltzman ist zweifellos einer der besten Agentenfilme der 60er, einem Jahrzehnt, wo sich das Genre ja äußerster Beliebtheit erfreute. It was preceded by The IPCRESS File (1962) and Horse Under Water (1963), and followed by Billion-Dollar Brain (1966). FUNERAL IN BERLIN is a spellbinding tale of espionage and its counter in which double and triple crosses are common. British intelligence are willing to pay, providing their own top secret agent is in Berlin to act as go-between. Allan Hailstone identifies this as Fasanenstraße in what was West Berlin The shot is looking towards the junction with Kurfürstendamm. More FUNERAL IN BERLIN images. FUNERAL IN BERLIN provides an excellent look at the spy business and an interesting view of postwar Berlin.

Berlin, WI 54923. Search Obituaries from more than 25,000 funeral homes. It was like theatre, but is war for real.

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